Plan to success - Free Download

Plan to success - Free Download

Happy New Year!

We hope you enjoyed a break from the business of life, time away with family and some sunshine.

Often this time of year is a reflective time on what has passed and hopes for the future.

As you ponder about the new year and what goals you would like to achieve, whether that be taking some time out at the gym for your mental health or specific goals of building up muscle, we have created a downloadable template to get you started.

We know a new habit takes time to establish until it becomes part of the regular routine. That is why we have created a monthly calendar for you to plan out your workouts to make sure it happens.

Sometimes we think, we’ll go to the gym when we have time, when we feel up to it, when we finish the project at work, when the children’s sports season is finished, however, this often leads to life getting in the way, and the workout not happening. As the saying goes tomorrow never comes.

We'd like to invite you to look at your weekly routine and pen in the times you are committing yourself to a workout; the days and the time, block it out so nothing gets in the way.

That way there is a higher chance of it happening. It also lets your mind mentally prepare yourself, to give you that strength to get to the gym, because we all know getting to the gym is the hardest part but once you are at your local gym, it’s easy to enjoy the session.

We have a free downloadable calendar to get you started. The calendar is a generic month. Pop the name of the month at the top, if you like, pop the individual days in the left of each box, but most importantly fill in the times you believe are realistic for you to come for a workout at the gym.

Print it out. Stick it on the fridge, by the bathroom mirror, in your wallet, or save it as an image to your phone, do what works for you.

Reprint or resave as often as you like, until you have created a habit in your week. We’ll have some copies at your local site available as well.

We wish you all the best for 2024 and enjoy experiencing the benefits of taking time for yourself.

24/7 Fitness Calendar Card

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