We have very humble beginnings(our very first members will be able to attest to that).
I established 24/7 Fitness with a very simple motive and that was to help others.

It was apparent to me that when 24/7 Fitness was established the fitness industry was dominated by high pricing and overcrowding due to restrictive opening hours. These factors made it difficult for many (including my own family and friends) to benefit from a regular fitness regime at a gym facility.

I decided to take a risk and offer something that was very different from the norm and offer those benefits that currently weren’t available of low membership fees and open hours with no limitations.

Since our establishment or motive and mission hasn’t really changed but only expanded a little.

Our Mission plain and simple

Our mission is to ENRICH lives through an HONEST, SINCERE and CHARITABLE service. Love the people we work with (members and gym owners) and bless their lives through what we do. Do what we do well and love it.


Improve or Enhance the quality or value of their lives


Doing what we say and following through on our promises


Genuine in our approach and focussed on people not numbers


Always looking for opportunities to assist those who cannot assist themselves

With this, we have created the services below as our way to serve you at 24/7 fitness

Free Monday Badge

Free Monday

Getting you started for the week: You’ve just enjoyed two great days off for the weekend and now it’s time to start again. Monday can sometimes feel like such a struggle so we offer all non-members the opportunity to train with us on a Monday for free. So no need for a membership on this day just come in and enjoy.

Available during staffed hours.

10kg Promise

This is one way we reward our members and celebrate their successful weight loss. You lose 10kg in a year, at any stage and we will give you three months membership absolutely free. This is our promise and we love to see our members be rewarded for what they accomplished.

10kg Promise Badge

Lowest Price

With our mission in mind, we want to make fitness accessible to all and for some cost can be a huge barrier. We promise to always give you the best price. If you’re looking at changing gyms to save a few extra dollars then we will match like for like in memberships and give you the best price that way. You just need to mention this Guarantee to one of our staff and we will do the rest.

Lowest Price Badge
Rehabilitation Badge


Rehabilitation is so important for optimizing functioning and reducing any physical impediments. It’s an important tool in helping individuals achieve the highest level of function, independence and quality of life. Because we know how important this is we work closely together with North City Physio’s and TBI to support as many as possible to enjoy being healthy and fit.

6 week program currently available in Porirua for anyone with the following criteria.

  • Discomfort or pain has been longer than three months and not covered by ACC
  • Age: 35+
  • Not on a surgical waitlist for hip or knee OA
  • Medically suitable to participate in exercise-based rehabilitation
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We believe it is important for everybody to have education opportunities and so are committed to provide opportunities for industry training and qualifications with flexible, practical study programmes to give everybody the opportunity to make a difference.

If you are passionate about making a change to people’s health and fitness, click the link below to have a look at our Fitness Qualifications

Fitness Qualifications

Education Badge

What we offer:

Open 24/7 Badge

24/7 Access

Train on your terms

No Long Term Contracts Badge

No fixed term contracts

Giving you freedom and flexibility

No Joining Fee Badge

No Joining Fee

Only charging you for what you need to get

Affordable Memberships Badge

Lowest Price Guarantee

Saving you money