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A healthy network of likeminded people working together to enrich lives.

The fitness industry is hugely competitive and keeping ahead is vital to your businesses success. A 24/7 fitness license allows you to do this by enhancing your value through our brand, our design and business programmes, our systems and policies. You keep all the good within your business and add the additional value that comes with being affiliated with us. To put it simply it’s a working relationship that strengthens all those involved.

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Option 1: 24/7 Affiliate
Current fitness Facility Owners

A 24/7 Fitness License allows you to keep all the freedom you enjoy. You still make all the decisions and have the final say in the direction of your business; it’s your business and you have earned that right.

The benefits of affiliating with us come through the additional support, systems and programmes you receive.

  • 24 Hour Access – Allowing you to match the market and provide an additional perk to your members
  • Reciprocal Visits for your members to all other affiliated clubs – The goal is to have an affiliated club in every city – giving your members national accessibility.
  • Access to marketing tools and an annual marketing plan – giving structure and purpose to your campaigns.
  • Access to our online training platform - This helps motivate your clients and give them the tools they need to be successful in there gals
  • Access to our National Training Academy – This provides an education service to your business to provide your staff with up skilling or your members with an opportunity to work within the industry.
  • A network of other gym owners – This gives you the opportunity to sound out your ideas, get second opinions or brainstorm new avenues
  • Buying power – saving you money
  • Greater awareness – Benefit from our marketing campaigns and promotions


Option 2: 24/7 Affiliate
New gym owner

We also offer the opportunity for aspiring entrepreneurs or those who love the fitness industry to own and set up their own club from scratch. You still retain your freedom to do this in your own way we just help you to know the best way to do it.

You receive all the benefits that our normal affiliates receive plus

  • The systems and policies – allowing you to know from the start how to operate your business in an effective manner
  • Set up support - We help you through all the aspects of the set up including the lease negotiations, site fit out, and equipment purchase while keeping to your budget.
  • Personal Support – Initial and ongoing support and training


Our Purpose plain and simple is to ENRICH lives through an HONEST, SINCERE and CHARITABLE service. Love the people we work with (members and gym owners) and bless their lives through what we do. Do what we do well and love it.

ENRICH = Improve or Enhance the quality or value of their lives
HONEST = Doing what we say and following through on our promises
SINCERE = Genuine in our approach and focussed on people not numbers
CHARITABLE = Always looking for opportunities to assist those who cannot assist themselves

The next step in your business could be a step with us

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