10 Kg Promise Proof is in the pudding


Beforeand After


Before (Feb 2019): 147 kg After (May 2019): 127 kg Updated (August 2019): 109kg

David lost a massive 7kgs in the first two weeks of joining. Self driven this wonderful individual guided himself, asking questions when required, normally for alternate ways to utilize equipment, create variety in his exercises and gaining knowledge in general. He also has plenty of knowledge to share.

"247 has such a loving atmosphere, that is why I attend. Every one is a winner there, you only lose when you stop moving"

What was Davids why? the weight loss was a necessity, David needed to lose 17kgs to acquire Elective Surgery. Weighing 147kg he would not be considered until he did so. Overall David has lost 20kgs in twelve weeks, FORTY BLOCKS of BUTTER. Davids eating habits have changed dramatically and his strategy of more calories out than in seems to be working.

Davids Formula

1. Heart and mind, decide what you want
2. Prepare
3. Focus
4, Be consistent
5. Stick to the plan, the rewards will come;
"you need to be tenacious and ruthless with your consistency, no short cuts to healthier habits, no magic pill to losing weight. Health is an every day protocol to longevity and well being, you need to connect with Jesus"

We would like to thank David for choosing 247 fitness as his space for his health journey and look forward to seeing this wonderful individual continuing to move forward. Kai pai koe, "Kia mau neke whakamua"


After loosing the weight required for surgery David became motivated to get back into a more healthy lifestyle [quote] "living longer, health is all you got, you can have all the wealth in the world but without your health, you have nothing" and so continued with his new habits to loose an extra 18kgs!!!

Majority of his success has come from changing his eating habits. "It wasn't easy sticking to it...,eating the right amounts and eating at the right times, but being consistent is what had the most effect and it got easier as I saw the results."

What has supported him a lot is, [quote] "I think the main thing is the teamwork, especially the 24/7 gym, the atmosphere is so wonderful, they are like family, meeting Malcom and Troy, and yourself and Kylee and the other members that come here, we all have a goal, many of our goals are different, but the main goal is that we want to get healthier and lose weight. At the end of the day its teamwork, even though you do the work as the person, but it's the teamwork and the support, even just a couple of a few hellos, a smile, that helps to go a long way, because like I said everybody that comes to the gym wins."

We are so happy for David and you can find him regularly here in the mornings working hard.

Savaiki Risati

Before (Jan 2019): 212kg After (March 2019): 199.2kg

Our first 10kg challenge victor for 2019 smashing his goal, but he will not stop there.

Savaiki Risati has accomplished this 3 times. The first in 2016 losing 20 kgs in 6 months. Again in 2017 and again this year 2019, from 212 kg to 199.2kg and plans to keep on going.

Since a young age Savaiki has struggled with his weight, being over 100kgs from the age of 12. As a result Savaiki struggled to keep up and missed out on the simple joy of life of running around outside with family and friends. He wanted to change but the struggle of motivaton was real. Reality shook him when a loved one passed away giving him the strength to take his first step toward a new beginning.

Savaiki now has a strong determined attitude towards his health and maintaining his habit.

With his new goal of looking great for a wedding in 2021 Savaiki is in 5 out of 7 days and more often than not find himself here after work at 1030pm. [quote] "it feels funny not coming in, I have driven past once, thoughts of tiredness and the feeling of just getting home were present. I was almost home and I turned around. I will think and feel like giving up sometimes, but my will power to achieve my goals is my constant thought, and I will do all I can do to achieve them" We would like to thank Savaiki for choosing 247 fitness for his journey space and look forward to seeing this wonderful individual continuing to move forward.

"this is not just for the wedding but for the rest of my life" Savaiki Risati.

John Mua Mua

Before (February 2019): 154.2 kg After (June 2019): 140.2

John had been studying and during that period was not active, he lacked self confidence and knew within himself that something needed to change. Towards the end of his studying journey, John managed to get his confidence to come and give us a visit.

To kick start his journey John met with our Personal Trainer, Jason twice a week to gain the knowledge and skills to prioritize his health.

After losing weight Johns goals have developed. Within our space he has been able to meet many like minded individuals and have his confidence grow. He intends to expand his habits to not only include weight loss but to also focus on muscle retention.

"I could feel the inner effects and that increases my reasoning and motivation to continue on my journey"

Jess Whatford

Before (May 2018): 96kg After: (Sep 2018): 73.1kg

What was your motivation to start? "I did not want to be fat any more" that was Jess's motivation for creating an eating and training habit that has seen Jess shed herself by 22.9 kg. Jess was discontent with her appearance and the way she felt. A mother to a seven year old, Jess was also motivated to be actively present through all genres of interaction with her baby.

What have you had to change? I was exercising regularly but it was only when I stepped up and changed my eating habits that I was able to see results.

Also, Physical activity has to be a habit alteration. I created a habit to be in the gym three times a week. I allowed it to become my mental motivation as well by listening to podcasts of true stories as I trained.

Over the time Jess has been training here, her clothes size has decreased from an 18 to a 12, and her body fat percentage from 45% to 30%.

"I do not want to go back" this is the thought that keeps Jess moving forwards. Externally Jess has halved herself, her time and effort a very clear visual to see. Content with her visual image and content with the way she feels and having created a habit she is determined to maintain; Jess has this piece of advice to share with us all [quote]

"You have to be ready in yourself and believe that you can do it. Find what works for you. Find what you love to do."

Jenny Blake

I decided on 9 January 2013 that it was time to take myself in hand and try to get fit. This revelation came to me when I tried to crawl off the lazy boy and stand up. Hard work! After some persuasion from my daughter I turned up to 24/7 Fitness in Whitby and look at a membership.

What was my goal I was asked? To keep going I replied, to the surprise of the assessing trainer.

At this stage my fitness was best described, than able to be measured, by my complete and utter lack of desire to do ANYTHING physical. I got the mail at the bottom of the drive via car, never put the wheelie bin out and hoped to do nothing exerting where at all possible.

Well I met the nicest kindest people at 24/7. My trainer Malcolm is a blessing. I now can, and want to, run 10km, deadlift 70kg and I attend 3 to 4 rigorous workouts a week. I just passed the Cooper 12 minute run test at excellent fitness level for a 50+ woman.

Nothing is ever a problem, my requests listened to. All this combined with affordable membership costs and all day access. I can never say I can't go to the gym. I thoroughly recommend this to you if you want to change your life for the better.

And to lose 20kgs? Life is great!!

Angela Thompson

Before: 103 kgAfter: 87.3kg

What motivated you to get started?
It was in the gym class back in May when Janis talked about Crusade wanting to help people to lose weight and include a food plan. I decided that day that I was finally ready to improve my lifestyle.

Did you experience difficulties?
I had to push myself through the exercise be getting used to the new moves, building my strength and not giving up when things became hard for me compared to other people doing the same classes. In time I felt stronger and kept pushing myself so that each exercise became easier to do and to complete. I work hard in my classes because I want to improve my fitness and even though i'm still not great, I'm improving all the time.

Most satisfying?
Other than exercising I'd have to say my food is the most satisfying. I've changed almost everything I eat and i'm buying food every week and enjoying my meals. I eat a cooked meal for lunch and dinner with healthy snacks during the day and muesli for breakfast. Also, drinking water and herbal teas has been really satisfying as previous to May i'd only drink water while exercising and i'd drink normal tea all day long.

I'm going to continue enjoying my lifestyle. I love coming to the gym as well as playing badminton and dancing on Monday nights. I'm excited about eating good food and drinking 3 litres of water a day. Summer will be good, I'll be able to wear nicer clothes as i've gone down 3 dress sizes since Jan. I'm really happy and love what i'm doing to help myself. It's still early days. I have a lot more to learn about exercise and food but i'm determined. The staff at 24/7, the support, the smiles, the positive comments and the friendships I've made with them has also been a big part of my confidence and weight loss.

I have so much praise for Janis, Nina and Helen who I see every week and have had so much support from. I'm really glad I go to a gym where these ladys know me, know my story and treat me the way you should feel in a gym. That I matter and i'm not just a number.

Jeri McCarthy

Before (Sep 2018): 90.5kg After (Nov 2018): 79.7kg Update (Mar 2019): 69.3kg

I joined 24/7 Fitness in September 2018. Having two young boys, I wanted to do something for myself. My main goal was to lose weight for my wedding next year and to improve my health. I started off doing my own thing and found the staff (especially Nina and Julie) so encouraging and supportive. The atmosphere at the gym is also very motivating to me and I really look forward to my workouts. I have been doing PT sessions with Nina for a while now and they have been amazing for toning and increasing my strength, she is the best! I also attend two classes a week which I love. I now have lost nearly 30kg, improved my health greatly and it has totally changed my life in every way.

Emma Harris

Before (June 2019): 102 kg After (Sep 2019): 85.9kg

Emma is a busy working mum of 3 kids hasstarted the Ground Zero with me November 2019 which has kick started her fitness journey.

"I was tired of sabotaging myself with wine, I wanted to get fitter & feel better. My weight fluctuated & to overcome it I just carried on. Reassurance from positive friends helps and being kinder to myself"

The most satisfying is "that I feel so good & see results from my hard work"

Emmas goal is to reach around 66kg and never to go over 80kg again.

Tracey O'brien - 2 x 10kg winner

Before (March 2019): 139.1kg After (July 2019):128.4kg Update (Sep 2019): 117.8kg

What motivated you to get started?
I am a yoyo and find motivation to start when I have future plans. Next year is a big birthday, an overseas holiday and I'm bridesmaid for a best friend's wedding.

Did you experience any difficulties along the way?
When I first joined Levin I was going through a heatwave so I struggled to come but once the weather cooled down I managed to get back into training and become really focus.

What was the most satisfying about your journey so far?
I'm enjoying the exercise for the first time. I love the gym and all the people.

Angelica Rongotaua

Before : 116.8kg After: 73 kg

Angelica Rongotaua is one of many reasons why when putting your best foot forward and believing that you can do it is a choice only you can make.

Her motivation is [quote] "watching those scales go down every week, meeting the people that you've never met before who give you the encouragement to push beyond your limits. It's being confident in the fact that I'm a proud Pacific woman who knows that our blood line carries the strength of 1000 men."

I joined 24/7 gym with my best mate at the end of July 2014 so I could lose weight. I'd been unhappy with my weight for a while and my friend was the extra push that got me signing my life away to Pala and the gy! I started off at 116.8kg and through the sore muscles, countless injuries and many physio appointments - every drop of sweat has amounted to a 43kg weight loss and 31 inches off the waist line. Pain has become second nature. I've been fortunate enough to remain determined, focused and driven thanks to my family, friends, community fitness groups that Porirua has to offer and of course, the 24/7 gym. Grateful beyond measure.

Jay Ikuia

Before : 116.8kg After: 73 kg

Fakaalofa lahi atu!

Agreeing to model shot of 'moi' in all my curvaceoness being plastered to a public forum is truly going out of my comfort zone. And never would I imagine posing for a 'before and after! I agreed to do so because of Pala's insistent request. The bro can sell ice to the Eskimos! I did so as a 'koha' back to 24/7 staff and Mel Seiuli (personal trainer) whose passion, enthusiasm and encouragement gave the boost that I needed to survive those damn burpees, lunges, sit-ups and sum! This narrative is also a koha to the most awesome gals whom I met through the first BODYSHOTZ bootcamp (hopefully not the last) for 2016.

It took quite some time to convince myself I had to do something as the kilos crept up. The 'everyday choc' fix and many other unhealthy habits needed to change. I noticed overtime or with age that the body continued to morph into something beyond my control or so I tell myself.

The posters advertising the Lose 10 kg weight and get three months of free gym memberships caught my eye or rather I saw $$$. I called in the troops aka 'BodyShotz' to help.

Initially I was apprehensive signing up for the Bodyshotz Bootcamp but I'm glad I did. The gals were amazing and we were all encouraging of each other. The unachievable became the achievable. As my body truly went to 'infinity and beyond'. I discovered muscles I never knew existed. The menu plan and portion size was like none other. However, adapting healthier habits made the process of food elimination a tad easier as the weeks progressed. I don't feed my eyes first and say yes to everything. Outcomes: The dress that I 'hoped' would fit actually 'fits'. Thought: Life is not about the destination but the journey.


Vanessa has been a member of 24/7 Fitness in Whitby since February 2013.

Fakaalofa lahi atu!

Vanessa joined determined to lose some weight and get fit and healthy. She had already lost 3kg before she joined us and then the last 20 months dropped a further 27kg! A total of 30kg, though she assures us she isn't done yet.

Vanessa combined gym sessions 3 - 4 times a week with swimming, aqua aerobics (at Tawa Pool) and hiking up Colonial knob to get herself into shape. An additional motivator for Vanessa was undergoing surgery on her knee. The increased fitness and strength she had gained assisted her rehabilitation and being accountable to her Physio helped keep her on track. Though not on a calorie controlled diet she has been eating more sensibly (not so much chocolate), and consequently this has became a sustainable ongoing lifestyle change.

With her increased fitness Vanessa has been able to enjoy participating in fun runs and the colour run events this year and has signed up for some ocean swims over the summer. It's always great to have Vanessa in the gym, always smiling and simply getting on with the job. It's been a pleasure to see her success and it really motivates others.

Kieran Batten

I have been working out at 24/7 Fitness, Levin, for the past year. It has been of great benefit to me. Being a 24-hour gym, it means that no matter what, I am able to fit working out into my day, especially around my work schedule. Being a college student, working long hours after school, I have had to do most my workouts at 5:30 am. Like a lot of people, my life is busy but, I make sure I fit exercise into my schedule. This is because I hate how I felt when I was fat. I worked out 4-5 times a week for the last year and the hard work has definitely paid off. I have lost 10kg and have reduced my body fat percentage to 11.39%.

The advice that I have received along the way from Justin (Personal Trainer at #24/7Fitness), has helped me a lot and I could not have achieved what I did without his knowledge and expertise. I started slow and worked my way into a routine, at first a mix of cardio and strength training, and now I'm down to just strength training. Losing weight and getting fit has made me feel a lot better, I'm less tired and I feel a lot happier and more confident."

Kathryn Doud

On the 1st of April 2016 I made the decision to join 24/7 Fitness Gym. I was undecided but, after a few conversations with Justin Hing, I took the plunge. Now 9 months later I have lost 32kg.

I made a rule that I would go 3 times a week for 45 mins, and I stuck to that. I did the weight circuit and then 20 mins cardio. After losing 25kg Justin gave me some new exercises and ideas after I was getting a bit bored. This motivated me to carry on.

My weight loss has changed my life and now I am looking forward to maintaining it and getting fitter and stronger