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"Aimee persisted I come along to the gym and finally I got around to it, after I was running out of 'yep ill come soon.' it was the 1st day of my journey and I thank her for keeping on at me, best decision I ever made!

Everyone at the gym was really nice and helpful as it can be very intimidating when you don't know anyone and not sure of any of the equipment and what it does, it felt very welcoming.

I started to go to more and more classes and met Hayley (my god I thought she looked amazing, that was all the inspiration I needed). The classes are brilliant and I love the fact that we are one of the only gyms that hold certain classes and I know everyone who comes in loves them. Kayne is a really good personal trainer because the training is always different, always challenging, always bloody hard, but he is also a great motivator, if he didn't keep pushing me I would never be able to do what he makes me do, and I cant thank him enough for that.

I could go on and on about what I love about 24/7 but what I will say is come along, have a look, try it out and you will love it."

- Shona

Shona - Front - 247 Fitness Testimonial
Shona - Back - 247 Fitness Testimonial
Dina - 247 Fitness Testimonial

My whole life, I have never really gone to the gym. I started going to the gym a couple of years ago on and off to help my arthritis but never got the personal experience that I was looking for.

When 24/7 fitness opened, I saw they held community gold classes and because of the convenient location I decided to give it a go.

The community classes have been fantastic. They cater for the needs of individuals and have been helpful in working on my flexibility, joints, and mobility. With the one-on-one attention I get in this class, it is a space I feel comfortable and can work at my own pace.

I must mention this, - This is one of the very few gyms where you walk in, and people greet you and they know who you are and that is a real benefit.

In the end, alongside this, it is what we do in the community classes that I enjoy. I must say Cameron is great, he adjusts the classes to our weaknesses. I can tell you there's a couple of things I am terrible at, I am not good with balance, so it gets adjusted according to our needs.

I am incredibly positive about the classes; my flexibility has improved. I could never do aerobics in my life, or Zumba, I have got no rhythm, just one of those people; but my flexibility is much better, and that goes with the balance and mobility bit as well, which has also improved.

There is something else I am immensely proud of, even if I was not focusing on getting skinny, I was a little bit overweight and I've lost over 8kgs, which is good for me at my age, and this was without having any real big effort.

It is never too late to start. That is the main reason why I am here, if I do not come, I will become old and decrepit. We all are going to get older and more mature, but I believe we have an accountability to help prevent that... to look after our bodies as we age that they keep on functioning properly.

- Dina (June 2021)

I shifted from another gym to 24/7 fitness Paraparaumu after lockdown last year. I saw their advertisement in the newspaper when they just opened and decided after covid, to make the shift to support a locally owned business. Everyone is welcoming and friendly, the staff come out and chat with you and really get to know you.

I enjoy the Community Gold classes. As I'm growing older I know its important for me to focus on my mobility and strength. Exercising regularly has helped boost my immune system. I turn 60 in march and I'm proud to say that to this date, I am not on any life medication. I believe going to the gym, keeping healthy and keeping fit, being part of it helps the health along the way.

- Deb

Deb - 247 Fitness Testimonial

"My name is Paresh, I am 32 years old and I have been coming to 24/7 fitness for 5 years now. I have always worked in trade so I am often doing heavy lifting, therefore I am constantly trying to maintain my fitness. I have recently also been working on getting into shape for a friend's wedding. Coming to the gym and taking personal training sessions has really helped me take those steps in achieving my short and long term goals."

- Parish Maisuna

Parish Maisuna
Yeping He

"I like the group lesson so much. Its amazing because I am not a self -disciplined person who can do routine exercise by myself. My coach and friends help me a lot during a group lesson. More over, I can access the tawa 24/7 fitness gym on a Saturday since there is another branch centre. It is really good value for money. I always try and invite all my friends to come to this club, then we can have fun and keep healthy at the same time. Hope I can persuade them successfully that I would not be the only Chinese in the group."

- Yeping He

"I like training at 24/7 Fitness because all the staff are welcoming and friendly and the facilities are clean and tidy. The classes are taken by Janis and Helen are fun to participate in, while learning new exercises for us to benefit from"

- Liz Renner

"I enjoy working out because it improves my health and well being. I enjoy doing it at 24/7 because of the community vibe of both the Whitby and Porirua city sites. It has a "come as you are – be who you want to be feel"

- Luke banks-Novak

"I really enjoy how quiet it is at certain times, which is great when I need to decompress after a long day. On the other hand class times are great when I need encouragement + motivation. It’s the perfect combo!"

- Ken Burrows

I like training at 24/7 Fitness because of the good equipment and space, relaxed environment and encouraging staff. Great place for a learner gym girl like me!"

- Charlotte Colebrook

Charlotte Colebrook
Sonia Katane

"I like training at 24/7 fitness, I loved being here from the first time I walked in. The vibe is so welcoming to every one. Love the classes and up to date machines, the instructure and the feeling. You are not alone, every one helps one another"

- Sonia Katane

"I like training at 24/7 fitness because the trainers are incredibly helpful. Nice and simple gym with pretty much the main things you need. Decent pricing."

- Jacob Ruth

"I enjoy working at 24/7 fitness because I love the atmosphere here! Friendly staff who make you feel welcome, I come from Johnsonville because I like it so much πŸ˜Šβ€

- Renata Kominiak

"I like training at 24/7 Fitness because I like the family feeling and people are very friendly here. I also think the trainers are very knowledgeable & very helpful."

- Daphine Linner

My name is Shannon McGregor and I am 26. I work as a physio at KCP in Porirua. I moved to NZ from Scotland a year ago. Growing up I was a dancer and did Judo so I have always been pretty active.

I joined 24/7 Fitness in January after a head injury that resulted in me losing both my fitness and confidence in the gym. Coming to 24/7 Fitness and the personal training I get here has helped me gain back that confidence and fitness I had lost. I look forward to spending more time here in NZ and continuing my fitness journey with 24/7 Fitness.

- Shannon Mcgregor

Jeri Mccarthy

"I joined 24/7 Fitness in September 2018. Having two young boys, I wanted to do something for myself. My main goal was to lose weight for my wedding next year and to improve my health. I started off doing my own thing and found the staff (especially Nina and Julie) so encouraging and supportive. The atmosphere at the gym is also very motivating to me and I really look forward to my workouts. I have been doing PT sessions with Nina for a while now and they have been amazing for toning and increasing my strength, she is the best! I also attend two classes a week which I love. I now have lost nearly 30kg, improved my health greatly and it has totally changed my life in every way."

- Jeri Mccarthy

"My health and fitness journey started when I was living in Melbourne in 2012. I was 90kgs, had no muscle, and was a smoker. One day I just woke up, decided to quit smoking and joined the gym above my work the next day. I had no idea what I was doing at the gym, but I kept going and gradually started to lose weight. I joined 24/7 Fitness in February this year (2019) weighing 86kg and have already dropped to 82kg. I have an active job so I am trying to stay fit for that. Also trying to catch up to my dad who is jacked. I get a sense of accomplishment after a workout. I love the 24 hour access at this gym. It makes it a lot easier to fit a workout into my schedule."

- Vince

"I have recently completed the London Marathon and would like to acknowledge Nina's help and support in contributing to my success. The gym classes that she takes really helped with my core strength which supported my training and my recovery. More importantly her instructional manner makes the classes a pleasure to attend. Her style is uplifting and motivating not to mention fun and fantastic! I really enjoy the friendly and social nature of them. Thanks again for your support."

- Margaret D

"I like training at 24/7 Fitness because I have been a member of this gym for many years, always participated in exercise classes and found them very beneficial. However I have never experienced such an amazing instructor as Janis! I am now 72 years and am stronger and fitter than at any time in the past. 24/7 Fitness is very fortunate to have her as manager. Such variety, very organised (which I love), motivational and friendly personality."

- Sharon Brizzle

"I like training at 24 7 fitness because the trainers and members have a great inclusive attitude. Non - pretentious atmosphere that accommodates members of all fitness levels. Well equipped gym and proactive in resolving faulty equipment."

- Geoff Moug

Geoff Moug
Jason Ropata

"I like training at 24/7 Fitness because 24/7 gave me confidence in myself and changed the way I feel and my self-esteem. I always thought that you had to be born into a fitness/gym family to enjoy working out, until I decided to join the 24/7 Fitness family I proved myself wrong. I enjoy working out because I feel the satisfaction of completing each exercise & knowing there's always room for improvement. The possibilities of self discovery is endless!"

- Jason Ropata

"I like training at 24/7 Fitness because I like having the option of coming in at all hours & feel safe doing so. I like the variety of equipment. The PT services are good and are cheaper than others I've been with in the past."

- Haley Hollows

"I like training at 24/7 Fitness because of the classes. Having had strokes it helps me try to keep a better standard."

- Fay Leech

"I like training at 24/7 Fitness because it's a fun place to be, everybody is so friendly and inviting."

- Vanessa Trask

I like training at 24/7 Fitness because it is a place that provides a positive atmosphere to challenge myself mentally as well as physically. I also enjoy having a place where you can work out with like minded people, from all walks of life, which creates a great vibe.

The staff are another reason why I like to work out at 24/7 Fitness Levin. They are friendly and down to earth with a broad knowledge of health and fitness, which guides and motivates you to achieve your goals. Thank you 24/7 Fitness for supporting me to achieve my health and fitness goals... and setting new ones!

- Stuart Rangihuna


I like training at 24/7 Fitness because of the atmosphere and vibe here that is warm and inviting. The staff make the gym workout a motivational and non-judgemental place. I never used to like working out till I joined this gym and now I am 100% comfortable and feel safe while working out.

- Sasha Henderson-Tukuniu

"I like training at 24/7 Fitness because you guys are easily accessible for me and being open 24/7 means I can visit any time! The staff here are really friendly and the floor plan is quite effective. Especially recently I've just felt quite a lot more motivated to come workout here! Can't wait to check out the classes"

- Rachel Shailer

Russell Smith

"Late last year I finally decided to stop pontificating & retire from work. After the decision was made I was reasonably relaxed about it until all the doomsday people started telling me I would be board, become lethargic & have no challenges. :-( I have always had a busy lifestyle with work, friends, socialising & both watching & participating in sport. Now that the work aspect was gone I had more time to improve my golf but that didn't provide all that I wanted. Its a good 6 or 7 Km walk but can hardly be classed as a strenuous workout & the words "lethargic & challenge" came back to me. I definitely did not want to become like some of the "full of figure" members of the golf club.

So thats when I decided to join the Whitby 24/7 gym. Its local, not to big but still has all the equipment I need. I checked out the website & liked what I saw, especially having assistance in setting up a training program to meet my goals. Once registered & with some trepidation I arranged a gym visit to be shown around & to set up the training program. Not sure what I felt any trepidation as the trainer made me feel at ease & after I explained my goals we set up a program to achieve. It could have been left at that but I was told just to ask if I needed any further help or advise or if I wanted to make changes to the program.

I have set myself specific challenging but achievable targets which I am well on the way to achieving. Then when I achieve these targets it will be time to go to the next level. Its a bit like the carrot & the donkey... just keep it in front of you. Its definitely made easy by the friendly atmosphere in the gym where both trainers & other customers talk to you & this is not always the case in other gyms. Certainly makes the pain more enjoyable :-) Probably what I am most enjoying is that I "want" to go to the gym & missing a day is not what I like. I have set a minimum of 3 days a week but generally go 4 or 5 times, especially when the golf is bad.

I get real enjoyment from setting & achieving goals & am also changing my eating habits so all the gym work is not wasted by poor nutrition. I haven't done anything silly like becoming vegan & giving up drinking but I have made changes & these changes combined with the exercise have me feeling fitter & more energetic than I have for years. I am working harder physically but feeling a lot more energised. After a few muscles got over the shock of being used for the first time in years it has also helped me hit the golf ball straighter, but I still need to find the exercise to hit it straight every time.

My wife & I are about to go on an overseas holiday playing golf & eating local foods but I will be packing my gym gear so that I do not let all the progress I have made become a distant memory. 6 months ago if you had told me that I would be doing that I can assure you it would not have happened. But through my time at the gym it has given me more energy & drive to get the most out of life without taking all the fun away The challenges are good but achieving them is gold.

- Russell Smith

I have been a member of 24/7 Fitness since they first opened in Tawa. What I like about 24/7 is that the staff are very friendly and are eager to give you advice and help you set up the equipment to suit your needs. They welcome any feedback and if there is a problem, it gets addressed immediately. I attend the gym about 3 times a week and the main attraction for me is that you can access the gym 24/7 so there is no excuse not to go. The equipment are in excellent working order and the friendly atmosphere and decor which has just been updated are amazing.

I attend the Senior lite pace class for gold card members on a Friday and have received tremendous benefit from it. The instructor, Sally White, concentrates on balance and strengthening which has been extremely good for my well being.

- Ursula