5 Key factors to consider before joining a gym

5 Key factors to consider before joining a gym

It’s that time of year again when New Year’s resolutions are on our mind, and we want to take some steps to put them into reality. Below are some points to consider when thinking about what gym to join

1. Location and convenience

It’s easy to say you’ll exercise every day, but the reality is you will need a plan to make this happen. Your successful attendance will be impacted greatly by how conveniently your gym is located in proximity to your daily routine and life.

You will need to plan and determine where gym training fits into your routine. Many schedule exercise around either their work location or their home. If you decide to train before/after work, is the gym on the way or does it extend your day by the time needed to get there. Travel time is a consideration in most settings but a 5min detour is much easier to fit in compared to a 20 or 30min detour in a busy schedule.

Will you exercise during your lunch break? An hour lunchbreak isn’t long when you need to fit in a workout, shower, and some food. How close your gym is to your work will allow more time for a great workout.

2. Contract - Look at how long your contract ties you in for & how much extra you are asked to pay to have a shorter term?

Traditionally gym memberships were set up as fixed term contracts. Many gyms now a days have recognised that consumers do not what to be paying for something they aren’t using, and so offer more flexible contracts for a higher fee. You shouldn’t have to pay more just to have some freedom. Have a look around to see what you can get at what price without having to be locked in.

3. What is the overall experience of the space?

Having checked out where you get the best contract for your dollar, the next important thing is to see if it’s a space that you’ll feel comfortable and will be motivated. We suggest popping down for a visit as well as jumping online to google reviews, a non-biased tool to see how others have experienced the gym’s services.

You should also visit the gym in the times you plan to workout, this will give you a sense of what it will be like when you attend. Is it busy, are machines free or are all taken? What is the parking like at this time as it could add time to your overall workout?

4. What are the upfront costs?

A lot of gyms require a joining fee and then may add extra fees for the access card and setting up the direct debit contract. Before committing find out the total cost, as we all know things can add up quickly.

5. What are the extra benefits of each membership, and will they be useful to you?

Most gyms offer a variety of memberships to suit everyone’s budgets and needs. The higher priced memberships often have some perks thrown in to entice you to get the premium option. Consider which extra perks can be helpful to you and your fitness journey and which one’s sound nice but at the end of the day you know you’re not going to use them. Not all gyms have the same bonuses, some may offer a free bag, others may set you up with a nutrition plan to accelerate results - find the right one for you that will help you the most.


Congratulations you’re now a gym membership professional. Once you’re all signed up, don’t forget to make a plan, to break your goal into small, easy to follow steps. If you’re not quite sure what exercises to start with, feel free to talk to one of the team here at 24/7 fitness, they’ll be more than happy to help put you in the right direction.